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Get a Private Water Well

When planning to have your own private water well you can learn all about groundwater systems from resources compiled by our experts at Wilson Well Co. Inc. Well do our best to guide you in making smart, well-informed decisions regarding your water well system.

The Advantages of Having a Private Water Well

Private water wells have been the traditional fresh, potable water source for many families. Nearly 15 million people in America use wells as their main water source, and more than 300,000 private wells are built in different parts of the country every year. But what does it mean to have your own water well at home? Here are two notable benefits. 

Clean and Healthy Source of Water

Main water lines are often at risk for bacteria or lead contamination. On the other hand, private wells can provide you with a constant supply of fresh, naturally filtered water whenever you need it. For just a few hundred dollars difference, the right choice could change your life and safeguard the health of the people around you.  

Full Control Over Your Water Supply

Unlike major water lines, private water wells give you full control of your home’s water supply. As the owner of the well, you can decide how much water you’ll use for drinking, bathing, filling your pool, washing your car, and other daily tasks. You won’t have to worry too much about the high utility costs at the end of the month.  

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Tips for Finding a Reliable Well Drilling Company

Ask for References

Reach out to former customers for recommendations. Find out how many years the contractor worked in your area and how many projects they have completed. 

Inquire about Professional Qualifications

It’s required for well drilling companies to be licensed, registered, or certified in the state they’re working in. If a potential contractor doesn’t have this, it might be time to look for another one. 

Ask about New Technology and Equipment

A well drilling contractor needs to be updated with the latest technology. They should have modern drilling equipment to offer top-notch service for old and new wells. 

Request a Contract

Always remember to furnish a contract before a project begins. A professional driller must provide a detailed, written document containing the scope of work and the warranties and guarantees  

Find a Driller Who Knows the Local Geology Well

Knowing local geology is a must for well drillers. They can determine if the location of your water well can or cannot provide the potable water you need for your home. 

Be Informed of State and Local Laws

Most states require drilling permits and other related documents. A knowledgeable driller knows the local laws governing their job and should be able to abide by them. 

Ensure Your Driller Is Insured and Bonded

Nobody wants accidents to happen; it does, however, pay to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances. Make sure to ask if your well drilling company is insured and bonded. 

Keep Maintenance and Repair Services in Mind

Proper maintenance and repair are essential in keeping your well in excellent condition. A reliable well driller offers these services to make life easier for you. 

Get a Water Well Today

A properly constructed water well is a privilege you can enjoy when you entrust the job to an NGWAcertified company like Wilson Well Co. Inc. We use the latest technology to build durable water wells that require little maintenance and can withstand the test of time. For inquiries, contact us today.