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Private water wells are the traditional source of fresh potable water for many families.  Nearly 15 million Americans use water wells.  More than 300,000 new private wells are constructed every year.  A properly constructed private water well, installed by a NGWA certified professional well driller who uses the latest technology, is the water system of choice for many citizens. 

It is the only water source that gives you, the owner, the ability to make your own choices about the water you drink.  For just a few hundred dollars difference, the right choice could be a crucial decision.  Having a properly constructed water well is a privilege that many people don't have.  With a little care and maintenance your well system will last a long time. 

A well provides fresh, naturally filtered water; it allows you to make decisions which can safeguard your family's health.  Because the well belongs to you, you decide how much water you use.  The luxury of filling your pool, washing your cars, etc, is all yours, without a big water bill at the end of the month.  
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Hiring a Well Drilling Company

* Ask for References- Get a recommendation from former customers.  Find out how long the company has worked in your area and how many wells they have drilled.

*  Ask About Professional Qualifications-  Any drilling company you hire should be either certified, licensed, or registered with the State in which he is drilling.

*  Ask About New Technology-  A professional driller will stay up on new technology and be able to offer and service the latest products and services. 

*  Ask About Contracts-  A professional driller uses a written contract.  The contract should include details of the job and warranties or guarantees.

*  As About Local Geology-  An experienced driller knows about the geology of the area in which he drills.

*  Ask About State and Local Laws-  A knowledgeable driller knows state and local regulations that govern well drilling.

*  Ask About Insurance and Bonding-  A drilling company and its personnel should be insured.

*  Ask About Maintenance and Repair-  Timely maintenance and repair services are important to well owners.  A full service company can make life easier for you.